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Product warranty Description
Su net Aetna products are in accordance with rigorous design and process requirements, by the quality inspection departments in accordance with the relevant standards and testing rules strictly confirm quality.
■ principle of service and commitment
Meticulous service users to be assured
■ pre-sales, after-sales service
Provide comprehensive consulting services in the whole process, and the warranty period of one year, to provide quality services for life.
■ maintenance services
1, the service
After notification by the customer equipment failure, our customer service staff will reply to the customer within one working day by phone, fax, E-mail, site service in a timely manner, to ensure the timeliness and quality of service.
2, maintenance costs
Warranty period, no one factor, if the product quality problems, we will give a free repair.
Beyond the warranty period, the cost of a small additional fees according to the actual situation.
■ online feedback
The information you fill out the warranty form online, let us in a timely manner to help you solve the problem.
■ Product warranty applies to the area
Net Su Aetna products sales in China
■ Note:
Any omissions in the matter or service provision changes, further announcement will be on the website for the latest news, and to supplement the unit described above description.
If you have any questions, please call the service hotline 0512-65330406 or E-mail: your inquiry.