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The Analytica China 2020 exhibition closed successfully, and the cytotoxic biological safety cabinet attracted attention!

2020/11/18 16:02


Today, Analytica China 2020 successfully concluded at the Shanghai New International Expo Center!



As a large-scale laboratory industry event in Asia and even the world this year, Analytica China 2020 attracted 1,121 exhibitors and cooperating units from home and abroad.

In order to welcome this exhibition, We were well prepared, not only has carefully selected several high-end core products for wonderful appearance, but also specially prepared company and product introduction videos, and wanted to introduce the AIRTECH brand to everyone in the form of TV videos.



The exhibition site was full of people. Several of our products received strong attention from many customers, especially the IoT smart-linked biological safety cabinet and the newly developed cytotoxic biological safety cabinet, which attracted everyone’s attention. The scene was once very enthusiastic. The sales manager introduced our latest technology in an active, serious and methodical manner, and won many praises from customers.



Affected by the epidemic, everyone is wearing masks, but this does not affect everyone's enthusiasm for participating in the exhibition, nor can we separate our warm hearts! Through this exhibition, we have seen a lot of new vitality in life sciences, experimental research and other fields, and we are more aware of the opportunities and challenges in the future. AIRTECH will never forget its original intention and continue to work hard to provide better products for life science research.