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Isolator System

basic information
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The Isolator system is used for filling of large volume sterile drugs injection, split charging and tamponade of powder-injection and make of sterile preparation in the pharmaceutical factory. Some inquiry and certification on-site as DQ, IQ, OQ, FAT can be provided according to the user’s requirement.

◆ It provides physical barrier that can isolate operators and sterile production environment,improve product aseptic guarantee ability and restrict pollution to sterile products from personnel.

 It adopts double doors interlock system to practice safe isolated transmission.

◆ It can provide positive or negative pressure control in the chamber according to different requirements of pharmaceutical process.

◆ Real time sterilizer or Non-real time sterilizer but assembly on-site can be equipped according to according to actual requirement.

◆ The intelligent microprocessor control system can record process and operation parameters and provide review of preserved

experiment and production data. open-type pr close-type cyclic form can be set in the air supply or exhaust system according to actual

operation requirements.





ISO 5(Class 100)

Filter Efficiency


Air Velocity

≥0.45 m/s

Power Supply

AC220V, 1Φ,50Hz

Overall Dim.(WXDXH)

By user’s requirement


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